• Enook brand -X2A current with LED display charger Use MIRCRO USB DC 5V input for 18650 26650 batteries

    Output voltage:4.2V

    Output current:MICRO DC 5V 2A

    Compatible batteries:26650 20700 21700 18650 18490 16650 10440 14500 18350 18500 (li-ion)

    Size:115*62*30MMWeight:150G (excluding packaging, power supply, USB cable, specification)

    Certification:CE, Rohs

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    Enook brand -X2A current with LED display charger Use MIRCRO USB DC 5V input for 18650 26650 batteries

    Functions and requirements:

    1. Use MIRCRO USB DC 5V input, and two 3.6/3.7v lithium battery charger.
    2. Use the lithium battery special linear microcomputer to manage the chip system.
    3. Charging current 1000MA.*2
    4. The state of the LED display charger, USB cable to connect the adapter green (for electricity), into the battery shows red charging status (said), charger once again shows that green battery charging has been finished (said).
    5. Have overcharge, over discharge, short circuit, anti-connect battery detection and protection function.
    6. Charging mode, constant current constant pressure.
    7. With DC input, the charger is powered by 5V 2A(MICRO plug)

    Electrical technical parameters:
    1. Input power: MICRO DC 5V 2A
    2. Output voltage: 4.2V
    3. Output current: 1000MA*2
    4. Constant current constant pressure, cut-off current<100MA
    5. Standby current of external power supply:<150MA (for mobile phone charger)
    6. There is a USB output function on the other side of this product: the standard 5V1000MA can be used as a mobile emergency charger.
    7. Compatible battery: 26650 20700 21700 18650 18490 16650 10440 14500 18350 18500 (li-ion)
    8. Size: 115*62*30MM
    9. Weight: 150G (excluding packaging, power supply, USB cable, specification)

    1. This charger is limited to 18650 lithium battery (3.6, 3.7 V). If other battery charging can cause explosion, battery damage and personnel damage.
    2. Using the environment temperature - 10 to 40 ℃, storage temperature: - 20℃ to 6O℃
    3. Please read the instructions carefully, do not use the battery outside the instruction manual, put the battery model and position correctly when charging, do not tilt the battery, and see that the charger shows the correct state.
    4. When the charger is used, please do not put it in the place where the child can reach it.If a fault occurs, stop using it and read the instructions carefully.
    5. Can't charge a battery, can't charge a bad battery.
    6. No leakage, expansion, broken skin, serious damage, battery deformed battery charge.
    7. It is forbidden to use in open flame, high temperature, low temperature, explosive, outdoor and humid environment.
    Please use it in the indoor ventilation.
    8.Do not put metal in the charger.Power off when not in use, remove the battery.
    9. The product is not used by the battery outside the specification, and it is forbidden to use the modified battery or to use it.

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